Do you have plans to travel in the near future?

Do you have plans to travel in the near future?

Do you have plans to travel in the near future? Packing has been stated as one of the worst things to do in preparation for traveling, whether you travel close by or far away packing can be a real pain, which is why Suvelle has come up with solutions to help you enjoy packing for your travels. I have compiled a list of the top four products from Suvelle that are must haves for traveling, enjoy!

  • 1.Suvelle Travel Duffle Bag
  • Now, this is a must have this lightweight foldable duffle bag is large enough to fit all your travel necessities with ease, thanks to the generous size of 29” wide, 15” high, and 12” deep. Available in black, blue, or khaki you have a few different options for color choices. There is plenty of storage space in this fashionable travel duffle bag. The extra-large main compartment with the zippered closure is perfect for your clothes, shoes and even toiletries. You can use this for packing and even once you arrive you can then use it for day trips to the beach, as a gym bag, or even holding your sporting and adventure gear. The two front zipper pockets are smaller and work well for keeping valuables safe as well as keeping things you need more often closer to you without making you dig through the entire bag. This travel duffle bag is foldable which means when it’s not in use it can be folded down to a compact size, measuring only 10” wide by 12” high by 1” depth.
  • 2.Suvelle Packing Set
  • This three piece packing set will help keep your duffle bag or suitcase organized thanks to the three different sized pouches which are not only stackable but spacious as well. These lovely little packing pouches are available in blue, black, or grey. Each of the packing cubes has a two way zipper to ensure secure closure to hold your items inside, the zipper also enables you to open and close each cube with ease. Each cube is made from a lightweight nylon material which is water resistant keeping your contents safe and dry. These would be great for toiletries as well as dirty laundry to keep them separate from everything else in the suitcase.
  • The three sizes of packing cubes included in this set are:
  • Small measures 9 1/2 " L X 13" W X 3" H,
  • Medium Measures: 11" L X 14 1/2 " W X 3 1/2 " H,
  • Large Measures: 13" L X 17" W X 4 1/2 " H
  • 3.Suvelle RFID Safe Belt Pouch
  • This lovely RFID safe belt pouch can hold your money or your cards and keep your information from being stolen from a distance thanks to the handy RFID blocking technology. This lovely little RFID safe belt pouch is available in khaki, black, and even blue. Besides holding just your money or cards you can stash your phone, keys, or even your passport in this belt pouch. Keep your valuables close to you where you can be sure they are safe. The handy zipper ensures your items are tucked safe and sound inside as you explore on your vacation. The belt pouch can fit waist up to 55 inches thanks to the adjustable elastic waistband. Each pouch measures 5” long by 10.5” wide.
  • 4.Suvelle RFID Neck Stash Pouch
  • Just in case the belt pouch is not your cup of tea you can be sure your belongings will be safe in this RFID blocking neck stash pouch. You can wear is around your neck and tuck the entire pouch under your shirt of you can wear it cross body depending on your preference. This fabulous pouch is available in khaki, black or blue. Each pouch measures 7.5” long by 6” wide with a strap length of 51”. There are plenty of pockets inside this fashionable pouch to hold all your belongings and keep you organized as well. So, before you pack up for your next vacation remember to pack this RFID neck stash pouch as well.

No matter your plans let Suvelle help you pack for your next vacation or travel time, Suvelle will keep your organized and stylish thanks to their fashionable items at affordable prices.

19th May 2016

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