About Us


Suvelle is your one-stop store for handbags, travel bags, luggage, backpacks, carry-ons and wallets. Founded in 2011, Suvelle is a groundbreaking type of ecommerce store. We are able to offer the lowest prices on everything we sell and our slogan is simple: Quality, Comfort and Style.


Our corporate mission is to be the world’s most recommended and trusted retailer of bags and related accessories. We deliver on that mission via our slogan of Quality, Comfort and Style by providing all of our customers an innovative and trustworthy buying experience—and we also think Suvelle is a pretty cool place to work!


Along with our mission and slogan we care about our customers. We are:


  • Courteous– Suvelle treats all of our customers like royalty by offering the highest level of customer service and our honesty and integrity is guaranteed throughout your shopping experience.
  • Creative – With our personal shopping assistance, we employ superior tactics to help you find the bags you need—no matter what the purpose.
  • Ever-Growing - At Suvelle, we constantly seek out ways to improve our product lines. We also continually train our customer service specialists to ensure they offer the excellent customer service our customers have come to expect.
  • Groundbreaking – Suvelle.com is like no other store and we offer our shoppers the handbags, luggage and travel bags not found anywhere else. We pay attention to quality and constantly ask our customers what they would like to see in our store to help them improve their lifestyle.


At Suvelle, we're committed to providing each of our customers with superior service. From personal assistance to convenient and real-time order tracking, Suvelle’s in-house customer service representatives are focused on customer satisfaction. Suvelle combines the best selection of products with unrivaled customer service and extremely competitive prices.


We realize the importance of handbags and understand designs are a personal choice. That’s why our line-up of handbags, messenger bags, cross body bags and evening bags are of the finest quality at affordable prices our customers enjoy. Suvelle is dedicated to offering not just the best bags but also luggage, travel accessories and tech bags to keep your devices safe inside stylish bags and carrying cases.


With great bags, our customers have always sought creativity in wallet designs and that’s why we’ve also included many designer wallets in our store along with a variety of clothing and fashion accessories.


Located in New York, our goal is to provide excellent customer satisfaction and the convenience of shopping from home and having products quickly shipped right to your doorstep.


Suvelle doesn’t just choose a product to sell in our online store—we examine the design, construction and quality of workmanship before we deem a product acceptable for our customers. Because we run an online distribution center, all the items listed in our stores are always in stock and ready for order.


Suvelle also continues to seek out new designers and brands—only the best of the best will gain a place in our stores and we do this to offer you the best in handbags, travel accessories and tech bags.


Finally, we take pride in writing our item descriptions for clarity and accuracy and everything you see in our store comes with a 14-day money-back guarantee.


Have questions? Call one of our customer care specialists at 929-234-370 or email us at info@suvelle.com.


Welcome to Suvelle!